TAX FREE SHOP 株式会社光伸真珠TAX FREE SHOP 株式会社光伸真珠


The beauty that derives from the empathy between every person of unique characteristics and Koshin Pearl

Our mission is to fulfill your natural well-being and the beauty within yourself.

With this in mind, we offer high-quality products that are appealing in design and details.

Happiness, Health and Beauty Gifts from us to everyone we meet

We fulfill our responsibility by offering our attractive products and service.


We will keep you updated on Koshin Pearl and deliver latest information from our shops. We will also deliver information on our newest products, as well as original and imported products, so don’t miss it!

Press Release

Koshin Pearl’s Tax Free Shop Press Release is updated up-to-the minute.We deliver information on our latest products and services.Please note that information in the press release is subject to change.


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Tax Free Shop

We sell tax-free, Japan-made


About Us

President Kawasaki Keiko
Head office Koshin Osaka Headquarters Building 5-3-18 Itachibori ,Osaka-shi Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0012
Tel +81-6-6533-2288 (alternative)
Business Description To sell and export duty-free products to foreigners including Pearl,Metal, Pharmaceuticals, Healthy food, Cosmetics, Apparel goods, Home appliances, Optical products, Groceries, and other Japanese products.


The beauty that derives from the empathy between every person of unique characteristics and Koshin PearlOur mission is to fulfill your natural well-being and the beauty within yourself.With this in mind, we offer high-quality products that are appealing in design and details.

Happiness, Health and Beauty Gifts from us to everyone we meet

We fulfill our responsibility by offering our attractive products and service.

Corporate Concept of Social Responsibility
Customer Relations
In order to maintain our customers’ well-being and inner beauty, who have selected our products, we have manufactured our products based under our corporate safety standards which promises safety at all means. Additionally, we aim to offer products to our customers that bring an exceptional feeling of excitement and joy and have them beam with happiness.

Employee Relationship
Our employees are our most important asset. Our employees coming from a diverse background, act responsibly in accordance to their own intentions, and challenge themselves for new opportunities.We seek and cultivate personnel who are knowledgeable resources and who take responsible behavior. In addition, in order to create values that are unique to us, we have our employees fully understand our mission and engage in it.

Business Partner Relationship
We have built a long succession of friendly competition and a long-term trust relationship with our business partners and work together for mutual harmony and benefit. We also value cooperative relation and practice fair and responsible business dealings. Koshin Pearl have no involvement with antisocial forces including our business partners.


Our goal is to fulfill your natural well-being and beauty within yourself.

Koshin Pearl carry a wide selection of worldwide products and propose you a lifestyle that fulfills your natural well-being and beauty within yourself.Enjoy your acquaintance with our high-quality original products, and products that have appealing design and details.We are looking forward to welcoming you.

OSAKA Head Office
OSAKA Head Office


*Japanese brand healthy food is only available in retail stores and our homepage. Please be aware of similar products and imitation.


PearlRepresentative of “Japanese Pearl” and the value of “South Sea Pearl.” Besides, a wide variety of high-quality products are available.


Included Natto-sei, the health beauty essence purasetamin, SUPER DHA-220、Deep-sea shark Squalene and other made-in-japan medicines and supplement.catalog >>


We have a number of various Japanese products and original cosmetics products.catalog >>


Toys, Clothing, Bag, Purse, etc.catalog >>


Panasonic Shavers, Tiger Rice cookers, Zojirushi pots, Cameras(Sony, Canon, Panasonic, etc.) , watches and others Japanese Electric appliances.catalog >>

日本でのショッピングが、 最高の思い出になる



To be loved by one more customer

To be loved eternally

To create the number one store in Japan

These are our goals


To be continuously loved by as many customers as possible.

Come and join us to create one of Japan’s best shop!

Shop Staff

Customer appreciation will benefit the shop staff’s personal growth. Shop staffs will be accountable of selling products and cashier tasks at the shops where customers from various countries will visit, a work opportunity that cannot be experienced elsewhere.

Shipping and Delivery Staff

Shipping and delivery staffs are in charge of the delivery of products to hotels and airports as well being responsible for warehouse management (receive orders, shelf staking and packing procedures). The staffs develop new logistic operation by pursuing further careful service. Products are delivered together with your friendly smile!

Store Administration Staff

Store administration staffs are responsible in providing excellent customer service, treasuring every customer encounter who visit Koshin Pearl. Outstanding guidance and administration will be required through careful sales floor management and customer service offered by shop clerks. Experience as a store administration staff will offer the opportunity to become a shop manager in the future.


Merchandise Management

Responsibilities include, providing timely shelf stalking and order duties to each shop. Your goal is to become a specialist in merchandise management.

Marketing and PR

Marketing and PR staffs focuses in product development and sales strategy that fulfill the customers’ natural well-being and beauty within themselves. Marketing and PR staffs are involved in the planning of new products and engagement with new customers. The staffs are responsible to create a distribution system that will reach to further more customers.

Creative Department

The creative department personnel are to effectively exert their imaginative ability through creating product value based on ideas from various concepts. Operates a wide range of activities for Koshin Pearl’s project planning and promotion, being responsible of various designs and decoration including our website, based on idea planning

Privacy Policy

About collection, management, the use of personal information, we handle appropriately as follows.

  • With personal informationPersonal information means information that can distinguish the name that we caught offer through our site, authorized individual including e-mail address.
  • About collection of personal informationWhen we collect personal information through our site, we should be offer of personal information by intention of user. When we collect personal information, we display the purpose definitely.
  • We set a limit to the use of personal informationWe use personal information that had you provide from site user only within the collection purpose that we displayed beforehand.
  • Management of personal informationAbout personal information that we collected, jurisdiction bureau of each page manages severely and takes maximum measures against prevention such as leak, manipulation, unjust diversion.

Returns Policy

About Returns

  • As a general rule, returns are accepted for unopened items purchased within the last 14 days.
  • Although we work to ensure the utmost quality, if an item you purchased is damaged or stained, please contact us by email or phone within 14 days.
  • We will reimburse all fees for returns or exchanges related to defective items.
    Reimbursements will be issued after we have received the applicable products.

Returns for Customers’ Personal Reasons (Different than Expected, Wrong Size, Etc.)

  • We cannot accept product returns for personal reasons, so please consider your items carefully before making a purchase.

Returns Procedures

(1) Either call us at +81-6-6533-2288 or send an email to

(2) Send your item to the address we provide to you.

Contact Us

  • Koshin Osaka Headquarters Building 5-3-18 Itachibori, Osaka-shi Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0012
  • +81-6-6533-2288 (alternative)