TAX FREE SHOP 株式会社光伸真珠TAX FREE SHOP 株式会社光伸真珠

Company Mission

The beauty that derives from the empathy between every person of unique characteristics and Koshin Pearl.

Our mission is to fulfill your natural well-being and the beauty within yourself.

With this in mind, we offer high-quality products that are appealing in design and details.

Happiness, Health and Beauty Gifts from us to everyone we meet

We fulfill our responsibility by offering our attractive products and service.

Corporate Concept of Social Responsibility

Customer Relations

In order to maintain our customers’ well-being and inner beauty, who have selected our products, we have manufactured our products based under our corporate safety standards which promises safety at all means. Additionally, we aim to offer products to our customers that bring an exceptional feeling of excitement and joy and have them beam with happiness.

Employee Relationship

Our employees are our most important asset. Our employees coming from a diverse background, act responsibly in accordance to their own intentions, and challenge themselves for new opportunities.

We seek and cultivate personnel who are knowledgeable resources and who take responsible behavior. In addition, in order to create values that are unique to us, we have our employees fully understand our mission and engage in it.

Business Partner Relationship

We have built a long succession of friendly competition and a long-term trust relationship with our business partners and work together for mutual harmony and benefit. We also value cooperative relation and practice fair and responsible business dealings. Koshin Pearl have no involvement with antisocial forces including our business partners.

Fair Business Practice

We respect fair, transparent and a free-for-all competition and do not conduct unfair business transactions.

Protection of Intellectual Property

We understand that intellectual property is an important management asset that supports corporate activities. With full recognition of the legal implementation of the right, we acquire, secure and activate the rights, and respect our competitors’ intellectual property and protect our corporate rights at the same time.

Confidential Business Information / Protection of Personal Information

Information possessed and distributed by our company, including our confidential business information, confidential information of the third party and personal information is applied and managed appropriately in accordance to its type of information.

Anti-Bribery Policy

We do not engage in bribery of public officials as well as bribery, extortion, or embezzlement in the workplace.